More hands-on experience with an apprenticeship or a work-based degree

What you can expect here: training with a real wow factor.

You will soon have to make a decision: Apprenticeship? Degree? Or something different? Howabout doing something different as part of an apprenticeship or work-based degree? Because that is exactly what you can expect at the MARKANT Group

We offer you a world of careers that is more diverse and fascinating that almost any other. It is excitingfrom the very start, when all new apprentices and students are invited to attend an introductory event and an experience day. But things remain fascinating for you even later on. You will attend regular personal development seminars, for example, or work on projects on your own, such as the annually held MARKANT football tournament –the possibilities are endless.

One thing you can be sure of is hands-on training and outstanding prospects. The decision shouldn’t really be that difficult ...

Possible apprenticeships

Possible work-based degrees