Work-based Bachelor of Science Degree – Information Technology

This is how IT experts are made

The course 
If you opt for this dual Information Technology course, specialising in network and software technology, you will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of IT. This course has an emphasis on software technology, providing you with specific skills and proficiencies in programming languages and with standard software, networks and client-server systems. Over six semesters, you will alternate between working on interesting projects within a company and at the dual university. This will enable you to seamlessly combine theory and practice. We are offering this course in partnership with the dual university in Karlsruhe.

During the practical phases, you will gain a comprehensive insight into all aspects of a modern-day service company. You will learn how to understand business relations and how to apply this knowledge in the most effective manner. You will also gain specific knowledge about the configuration, functioning and design of innovative internal IT and communications systems, as well as about internet-based B2B applications and processes. In the theory phase, you will build up your theoretical, practical and technical IT skills - from logic and algorithms, compiler construction, various programming languages, network technology and web engineering to the fundamentals of electrical engineering.

You will become familiar with proven theoretical and practical methods and the latest technology in order to develop novel ways to apply them in projects to support business processes – from the ideas phase right up to implementation.

What we offer

  • Course duration: 3 years
  • Diverse training through a dual study course in partnership with DHBW Karlsruhe
  • An insight into various IT task areas, such as software development, second level support, server and application administration, as well as into the operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure (network, security, datacentre, etc.)
  • A diverse IT environment with a range of system landscapes and programming languages
  • A visit to the in-house IT training workshop during the first practical phase in order to learn the fundamentals in the areas of IT applications and IT operations
  • Expert and personal guidance during the practical phases within the company
  • Team-oriented preparation of trainee projects and participation in these event (e. g. MARKANT Football Tournament and Trainee Exchange)
  • Introductory event and open day
  • Customised further training through seminars, including topics such as communication, presentation techniques and examination preparation
  • Participation in workshops, trade fairs and regular team events
  • Flexible working hours and appropriate remuneration
  • A friendly and team-oriented work environment 

What we expect from you

  • Good overall or specialised qualifications for university entrance
  • Good results in maths, German and English. Basic IT skills are desirable
  • An interest in network and software technology, as well as an in-depth mathematical and technical understanding
  • A passion for technology and using computers
  • Basic experience with hardware and software, as well as an interest in the latest hot topics in IT
  • Willingness to undertake a practice-oriented course within a diverse and dynamic company
  • Eagerness to work as part of a team and strong communication skills
  • Reliability, commitment and a sense of purpose 

How to apply 
Please send us a detailed application by post or e-mail with the following documents: 

  • Letter indicating your current contact details and reasons for wishing to take the dual study course
  • CV
  • Copies of your three most recent school reports/Abitur (A level) certificates
  • If appropriate, internship verification or other certificates 

The selection procedure will begin one year before the start of the course.