Work in a team, promote fairness

What really makes us great: personal contact with one another.

Yes, we are one of Europe’s biggest trading and service cooperation enterprises. And yes, we also have plenty of plans for the future when it comes to helping our members to get ahead. However, this certainly does not mean that we work in an impersonal or anonymous way.

On the contrary, fairness and ensuring human and collegial contact between one another are among the fundamental values of the MARKANT Group. That is why it is important to us that our employees also fit in here: you should be open-minded, reliable and service-oriented with a focus on the customer. You should value teamwork and be able to think flexibly.

In return, we offer you various part-time working models, for instance, and long-term prospects with diverse professional development options. After all, our employees’ satisfaction is a matter very close to our hearts. Everywhere. From Pfäffikon to Basel, from Offenburg to Vienna, from Prague to Warsaw or Bucharest, and from Valencia to Hong Kong.